MIS Systems/Processes
At Ardom, we understand that efficient operations on a large number of telecom sites spread across a wide geographical area requires robust systems and controls. Hence we have processes and control-sheets developed In-house and Customised for Indian telecom operations right from the first day of operations. To take care of IT support required, milestone based fund allocation for IT have been provisioned in the business plan. We are also in discussions with established software developers for getting customized O&M modules.

Ardom has tie-up with companies with NOC/TOC to lease capacity for remote site monitoring, alarm installation etc. to the extent required by customers.

The systems and processes in Ardom are designed with flexibilities to facilitate customization as per customer needs and for automatically accommodating any redesign and rework of processes, job redesign, physically relocating people, reskilling or retraining people, and changing reporting lines.

Ardom is the first O & M Company in India to commence O & M services with a leading TowerCo's. on "Fixed Energy Cost Reimbursement" Model.

The service offerings include: Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Passive Equipments viz Air Conditioners, Diesel Generators, Battery Banks, Power Plants and other Power related equipment at the site

At Ardom, the term "O & M" stands for "Operations and Management" rather than "Operations and Maintenance".

Energy Management through Optimization of Generator, Battery Bank and Grid Power Usage, Field Level Maintenance of Active Equipments and Sundry Site Up-Gradation Works, Radiation Measurement, RF Survey and Optimization.