Rising above the rest to support and Schedule

Ardom wants to modify the managed services space through its unique customizations:
  • Maintenance of cell sites to ensure minimum down time and within the SLAs specified by the customer.
  • Collection and timely payment of electricity bills.
  • Filling of diesel in DGs.
  • Back up for DGs in case of DG failure.
  • Preventive, Corrective and Routine maintenance of DG sets, ACs and Electrical/Utility equipment e.g., Power Interface Units (PIU), AMF \ Panels, Shelters, Towers Earth Pit, Rectifiers, Batteries and Bus Bars, Electrical Protection Devices, RF and Electrical Cables, etc.
  • Maintenance of secondary batteries to ensure availability of backup power.
  • Proper cleanliness, upkeep and house keeping at telecom sites.
  • Pre Monsoon Activities.