Infrastructure Support & PMC
Construction of BTS sites including passive & active infrastructure installation and commissioning
Infrastructure Support: As-Build Drawings, Documentation, Database Administration & Training of technical personnel
Energy Management Solutions & Energy Audits
Collection and timely payment of Electricity bills
Power Quality & Electrical Connection Check & Support
Support in collection of Energy receivables and Collocation enhancement
Physical verification of Assets
Support in Due Diligence of assets and related documentations required for statutory audits / M&A activities
Site Up-gradation consultancy and execution
Consultancy on telecom solutions

Ardom is the first O & M Company in India to commence O & M services with a leading TowerCo's. on "Fixed Energy Cost Reimbursement" Model.

The service offerings include: Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Passive Equipments viz Air Conditioners, Diesel Generators, Battery Banks, Power Plants and other Power related equipment at the site

At Ardom, the term "O & M" stands for "Operations and Management" rather than "Operations and Maintenance".

Energy Management through Optimization of Generator, Battery Bank and Grid Power Usage, Field Level Maintenance of Active Equipments and Sundry Site Up-Gradation Works, Radiation Measurement, RF Survey and Optimization.