We are shaped by your needs

Ardom wants to modify the managed services space through its unique customizations:
  • Synergies brought by combined maintenance of active infrastructure at field level and the passive infrastructure.
  • Efficient energy management through optimal use of batteries and other innovative methods and offering energy management on a fixed cost model.
  • Subsequently, by deploying latest techniques for reducing the energy consumption and passing on part of the benefits to its customers.
The distinct value proposition which ARDOM plans to its customers in order to differentiate itself from the existing unorganized players and to curve a niche for itself in the managed services domain is as under:
  • Fixed energy charges implying predictability on operator expenses.
  • Distinct Tax benefits and conservation of liquidity.
  • Verification of assets and equipment installed, thereby plugging the revenue leakage of TowerCo's.
  • Efficient controls and systems through strategic tie-ups with established players in India as well as abroad.
  • Quantified savings on overall costs through better energy management as well as synergies of passive maintenance and active FLM.
  • Taking responsibility of P&F collections as a part of energy management, thereby reducing the collection woes of customers.
  • Reliable MIS through Ardom's thrust on systems and processes; and state of the art NOC.
  • Pan India service capabilities.