At the helm of the enterprise

Ardom has been promoted by Ardom Holdings Pvt. Ltd. - a company launched by telecom professionals with proven competence and entrepreneurs with sound financial background.

Specific interest areas of Ardom Holdings include Renewable and Green Energy, Telecommunications & IT related businesses in Asia and Africa, Electricity Transmission Operations and Maintenance, Financial Modeling and Capital raising Consultancy for Renewable Energy Companies.

Vipul Kumar Singh Chairman-Ardom Holdings Vipul is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who has been associated with telecom and transportation sector.. Readmore
Shilalipi Mishra Director Shilalipi is an independent consultant with specific research interest in areas pertaining to statistical modelling in..Readmore
Manmeet Kaur Director Manmeet brings on board an extensive experience of Supply Chain with her previous work experience at Cargill India..Readmore
Priya Sharma Director Priya Sharma has contributed to Hindustan Times for some time as an education head. Her dedication..Readmore