Ardom Towergen believes that building social capital is an essential ingredient of doing business. We believe in transparent deals, compliance to regulations and are very sincere towards environmental concerns. Ardom encourages plantations on the sites it manages and nurtures the cultural talent of its employees and associates.

We participate in community festivals in every locality and take due care of our associates through adequate insurance provisions for them.

We are acutely aware of the fact that Telecom sites are the second largest consumer of diesel in the country and that it uses 2 billion litres of diesel annually and produced 5.3 million tons of Carbon di-oxide in 2010. At Ardom, we make every effort to reduce diesel consumption at sites to protect environment as well as to make expansion of telecom business in remote and rural areas more viable. We are constantly exploring alternate and renewable sources of energy.

Ardom is the first O & M Company in India to commence O & M services with a leading TowerCo's. on "Fixed Energy Cost Reimbursement" Model.

The service offerings include: Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Passive Equipments viz Air Conditioners, Diesel Generators, Battery Banks, Power Plants and other Power related equipment at the site

At Ardom, the term "O & M" stands for "Operations and Management" rather than "Operations and Maintenance".

Energy Management through Optimization of Generator, Battery Bank and Grid Power Usage, Field Level Maintenance of Active Equipments and Sundry Site Up-Gradation Works, Radiation Measurement, RF Survey and Optimization.